: Lane Crawford 160 Anniversary Party :

Thursday, December 2, 2010


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Great party. Lots of long lost friends. Everyone's taking a different direction from before. Fashion bloggers everywhere: Bryanboy, Susie, Cindiddy... U name it!

It's just fun when u can hv free makeup at the brand u'r working for! Seriously, when can u play ping pong and snooker in a department store?


: Control Key :

Saturday, November 20, 2010


Control, Option, Command

This is what I need....


: Christian Louboutin Private Preview :

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Got an invitation to Christian Louboutin's private preview! Wee*

: Metal-liks :

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


photo by Sharon Mor Yosef


Call me loud... i love metallics!



: Prison Break :

Monday, November 15, 2010



This is my first time going into a prison.... This is one in Central HK, which has a long history. It has been made empty and is now used for selected design/art exhibitions. Frankly, the first impression was kinda cold. There are some dark rooms which you can imagine what would take place in there. Seriously, I wouldn't expect so many detailed rules in the area. It's a nice and quiet place but too much history and happenings.



: Department Store Marathon :

Thursday, November 11, 2010

I have just finished a 14hrs marathon.... in a department store.

Yes. It's our brand's private event in a local department store. It's super hectic but I'm glad it went well.... kinda chaotic though. I love events, don't get me wrong... it's just that the retail business has got soo much to do with products - i.e. the warehousing and logistics arrangements are all a pain.

But what I enjoyed the most the is quietness in the department store early in the morning. kinda nice to walk around (but a bit too quickly) and check out the latest collections =P


: True Mix & Match :

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Mix and matching is like an in-born instinct for everyone now... but it normally only limits to tops and bottoms, handbags and shoes.... and at most, extra accessories.

We can definitely do better than that. I'd love to have this cool collar closet at home! A perfect outfit can truly be flawless if we can put different parts together.. although it might take us 30mins more for preparation everyday.... but it's all worth it eh =P

: Hallowqueen :

Thursday, November 4, 2010

I've always wanted to blog but time and work don't allow... Now that I've downloaded the wordpress app, I'll make gd use of my time on the way to work/home for blogging :)

Latest happenings? Well, there're a couple but the happiest thing is me and my boy's first yr anniversary. We met at this Halloween party last year, which was organized by a local artist/designer online community. Frankly, it wasn't an awesome party but that's what makes it easy for us to chat and.... Fall in love :)

This year, we had a quiet celebration without me dressing as Amy winehouse and him dressing as jack the pirate... We went to the fun W Hotel and had a great weekend. If there happen to be one around u, I highly recommend u to at least go for a nice drink and explore!

: Blow & Wear :

Sunday, August 29, 2010


I am not totally keen on all the plasticky like materials for fashion, as it always feels like it's sticky, hot, and makes squeaky sound. By the look o f these designs of Rie Hosokai, they simply flip around the negative impression. They somehwat look rather feminine, floaty, even soft. I wonder if she used nitrogen to make the dress hang in the air.


: Fashion Spilt :

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


People might be too compromising. I simply don't understand why everyone loves everything fashion magazines present. It's time to be critical and stop being fed with all those marketing stories. Maybe I am in the marketing field and totally understand how it works. The whole brand image is the first thing that impresses you. The second thing is the product/service quality that the brand delivers. The benchmarking is very important as it is what you use to 'judge' if the product is good or not - at least to check if they are up to your expectation (manipulated by marketers).

Well, I think these pictures in Italian Vogue looks awful. Undoubtedly, the oil spilt is a big thing. Can it be applied to the fashion photoshoot? Yes. But can it be presented in a more artistic way? Yes. I totally understand the art director might want to arouse readers' attention towards this incident and trigger re-thinking. But if I were the brand that were featured in this shooting, I would definitely complain. Put yourself in their shoes... not gonna feel alright.

: Magical Mud Masks :

Saturday, July 31, 2010


Being in the beauty business is tiring. I have never had so many pimples on my face! My manager told me it's because of the pressure. (people say when you have acne on your forehead, it means you don't have enough sleep; when they're on your chin, you don't have good digestion; on your cheeks, pressure). He advised me to use this magical Borghese muds. Use the green one first, leave it on for 3-5mins, and then use the pink one (for even skin tone and brightens up), and lastly, the blue one for hydration.

I did the green and pink one last night and it felt amazing! The dots were half gone and it's not dry at all after washing them away. I decided to use it for my body as well. Felt fantastic! I swear I'm not working for Borghese but they are cheap, fast actions, and soothing. Do try it if you have active skin!



: Confidential | Chanel Haute Couture Fittings :

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


ph. by Vincent Lappartient

The lion head is hilarious! Who would expect sth like that to appear in Chanel's Haute Couture? So Lagerfeld claimed that the idea came from the fact that Coco Chanel herself was born as a Leo. “The colour, fauve,” says Lagerfeld, “was something I thought was right for the mood.” Bet he's suggesting something that looks like "wild beasts" with a confident mixture of colors and textures. I'm not sure about all these crazy ideas but one thing is for sure - workmanship wins it all.