: Blow & Wear :

Sunday, August 29, 2010


I am not totally keen on all the plasticky like materials for fashion, as it always feels like it's sticky, hot, and makes squeaky sound. By the look o f these designs of Rie Hosokai, they simply flip around the negative impression. They somehwat look rather feminine, floaty, even soft. I wonder if she used nitrogen to make the dress hang in the air.


: Fashion Spilt :

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


People might be too compromising. I simply don't understand why everyone loves everything fashion magazines present. It's time to be critical and stop being fed with all those marketing stories. Maybe I am in the marketing field and totally understand how it works. The whole brand image is the first thing that impresses you. The second thing is the product/service quality that the brand delivers. The benchmarking is very important as it is what you use to 'judge' if the product is good or not - at least to check if they are up to your expectation (manipulated by marketers).

Well, I think these pictures in Italian Vogue looks awful. Undoubtedly, the oil spilt is a big thing. Can it be applied to the fashion photoshoot? Yes. But can it be presented in a more artistic way? Yes. I totally understand the art director might want to arouse readers' attention towards this incident and trigger re-thinking. But if I were the brand that were featured in this shooting, I would definitely complain. Put yourself in their shoes... not gonna feel alright.