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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

People might be too compromising. I simply don't understand why everyone loves everything fashion magazines present. It's time to be critical and stop being fed with all those marketing stories. Maybe I am in the marketing field and totally understand how it works. The whole brand image is the first thing that impresses you. The second thing is the product/service quality that the brand delivers. The benchmarking is very important as it is what you use to 'judge' if the product is good or not - at least to check if they are up to your expectation (manipulated by marketers).

Well, I think these pictures in Italian Vogue looks awful. Undoubtedly, the oil spilt is a big thing. Can it be applied to the fashion photoshoot? Yes. But can it be presented in a more artistic way? Yes. I totally understand the art director might want to arouse readers' attention towards this incident and trigger re-thinking. But if I were the brand that were featured in this shooting, I would definitely complain. Put yourself in their shoes... not gonna feel alright.


anwa said...

I think that this would have been a beautiful shoot if it'd been an actual social/artistic commentary and not a plug for capitalism -- because, I mean, isn't capitalism in a way what caused this spill?

gglush said...

and what's more, people are actually making big money out of the spill too.
well, I don't understand anymore...

Zabrinah's Blog said...

Very bold statements you made here! I'm very impressed with that and your blog in general. It's one of a kind!

And yes, that editorial really .... I suppose, it scared me the first I saw it. It was a little too grotesque for my taste.

Best wishes from one blogger to another,


gglush said...

Thanks Zabrinah!
Hope you like my posts.

Btw, your blog is intriguing!!

Best wishes to you too =)


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