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Thursday, November 4, 2010

I've always wanted to blog but time and work don't allow... Now that I've downloaded the wordpress app, I'll make gd use of my time on the way to work/home for blogging :)

Latest happenings? Well, there're a couple but the happiest thing is me and my boy's first yr anniversary. We met at this Halloween party last year, which was organized by a local artist/designer online community. Frankly, it wasn't an awesome party but that's what makes it easy for us to chat and.... Fall in love :)

This year, we had a quiet celebration without me dressing as Amy winehouse and him dressing as jack the pirate... We went to the fun W Hotel and had a great weekend. If there happen to be one around u, I highly recommend u to at least go for a nice drink and explore!


anwa said...

ooh, congrats on your anniversary! it sounds like you had a pretty good time :)

Noel Yagami said...

quite romantic, isnt it?:) Look forward to your next post!

gglush said...

Hi Noel!
yea... love it!
will defo keep posting more frequently =)

gglush said...

Thanks Anwa =) yes it's fun indeed!

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