: Burberry - BIGGEST Show in Beijing :

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

to celebrate their new Chinese flagship at Beijing's Sparkle Roll Plaza, Burberry is taking its runway presentations to new heights in Beijing April 13 - TOMORROW!

It will be staged at the 2000-square-meter Beijing Television Center as a celebration of British weather, fashion and music - there must be some sort of artificial rain or snow involved, similar to what was seen at Burberry's show during London's past fashion week. what's different this time is there will be cool hologram technology, combining live and virtual models for an immersive sensory experience. for the music part, British band Keane will play the first time in China as well!

this event will be broadcasted live all around the world at burberry.com and many other international fashion sites at 1.30 pm London time.

watch the teaser here and get into the mood now! (it might be a bit difficult as it is sooo sunny here =P)


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