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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

are you getting married? i have a couple friends getting married this year and seeing them going through this suffering time picking WHAT TO WEAR on the special day is just =.=

a lot of people say the wedding gown you pick might not be your favorite one (cos it might not suit your own body shape) but would be the one that suits you most...

if you are not sure what to do, maybe this private luxe workshop will help:



Central Weddings & Occasions + VERO Chocolates

view the latest wedding gown collections and lovely wedding cakes (with a glass of champagne in hand and a wedding chocolate gift to bring home!)

at Central Wedding & Occasions shop in Landmark




Ascot Chang

personalizing the dress shirt session, sipping champagne and get expert tips for the right collar styles from Lincoln Chang, the renowned shirt maker at Ascot Chang

Ascot Chang Prince's Building shop


RSVP: emilyliu@hkland.com



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