: Dior VIII ceramic watch - the inspirational film :

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RcIVqmJfpBQ]

very feminine... and the sound of the piano makes me think of my ex-boss piano prince... it's just sooo his style!

well, you know who you are!

more about Dior VIII

: YSL Spring Summer 2011 Eyewear :


[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wjFdQhoFE6Y]

the models in the video look like statues, presenting the work of art from YSL... looking very unisex as well

: Secret Places at Louis Vuitton :


i know it's only tuesday and i'm creating all these holiday mood for you... but this is what i'm having in mind! seriously need a relaxing vacation!

the video was shot during the Cannes film festival, so naturally, the secret place is...

the Hotel Martinez Suite in Cannes, France

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QbfY5IufzRM]

: Intimately Yours - Victoria & David Beckham :


they always look perfect. and they love posh things. the Beckham couple has launched their new fragrance "Intimately Yours" with a sexy ad shot in a cool black elevator, acting as strangers to each other and having intimate actions in it. the black and white contrasts are simply brilliant

the ad:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uh_EWsys4nY]

the making of:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=spLuniQeiGo]

: Mallie for Burberry Acoustic :


what are better things than fashion and music together? Mallie shot this video exclusively for Burberry's "Acoustic" campaign - loving her amazing voice! very down-to-earth acoustic music and cool British bands, this is just what the brand believes in

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FDZplRdHlXs]

: Marni - Secret Garden :

Monday, May 30, 2011


inspired by the Italian metropolis, the courtyard of Marni’s flagship store on via della Spiga in Milan was  transformed into a garden during Salone del Mobile 2011. This temporary secret garden is full of various delicate plants and unique furniture made of recycled bases.

 film artist Sara Rossi was invited to create images of Lanterna Magica Spring - projected in the garden every evening, making the garden a magical one. The plants will be donated to schools for educational projects and to green public space restoration in Milan after Salone del Mobile.

a very nice and feminine "live" installation, which is very inspiring with all the visual effects. it can be turned into a lovely print pattern =)

: fashion equation :


bet you might have come across some sort of fashion equations... and i simply love these ones by the genius Fashematics.

good new is - FASHEMATICAL Issue 2 is out! 100 fashion equations including 2011 SS runway pieces. how can you not love it? buy it from their official website.

: Mr. C Hotel :


whenever i travel, i'll always look for boutique hotels as they are the ones that give you excitements, especially when you are going for vacation.  those tiny little things that makes you say 'awwww... that's so sweet" is what keep me going back. though i don't know those details about Mr. C Hotel yet (well, the logo on the towel looks very cute), it is looking fab! i'm already loving it. it's gonna launch in Beverly Hill on 1 June... another excuse to go for a little vacation? =P

: be classy :


: future living 2025 :


the technology in Avatar the movie is real maybe...

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yQqRj3gQdaM]

i like the card and newspaper idea... but how much will the newspaper be?

: LV - most valuable luxury brand....again :


A 2011 Brand Report from global research agency Millward Brown's has showed the value of the apparel industry increase by 10 per cent in 2011 and the luxury industry glide up by 19 per cent. Louis Vuitton is the most valuable luxury brand (well done bags!), for the sixth year in a row. With a 23 per cent increase from last year, Louis Vuitton is valued at $24,312 million.
Here are the other valuable Luxury brands that made it to the top 10:

  1. Louis Vuitton US$24,312 million

  2. Hermès US$11,917 million

  3. Gucci US$7,449 million

  4. Chanel US$6,823 million

  5. Cartier US$5,327 million

  6. Rolex US$5,269 million

  7. Hennessy US$4,997 million

  8. Moët & Chandon US$4,570 million

  9. Fendi US$3,442 million

  10. Burberry US$3,379 million

: Stella McCartney releases her mother's photobook :

Sunday, May 29, 2011


"Linda McCartney: Life in Photographs"

they are all from the eyes of Linda Eastman, Stella McCartney's mom

In 1966, when she was a receptionist for Town and Country magazine, Linda Eastman snagged a press pass to a very exclusive promotional event for the Rolling Stones aboard a yacht on the Hudson River; her fresh, candid photographs of the band were far superior to the formal shots made by the band's official photographer, and she had instantly made a name for herself as a top rock 'n' roll photographer. In May 1968, with her portrait of Eric Clapton, she entered the record books as the first female photographer to have her work featured on the cover of Rolling Stone.

in 1967, she went to London to document the 'Swinging Sixties', where she met Paul McCartney at the Bag 'O Nails club and photographed The Beatles during a launch event for the Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band album. Paul and Linda fell in love, and were married on March 12, 1969. For the next three decades, until her untimely death, she devoted herself to her family, vegetarianism, animal rights, and photography - which deeply influenced Stella in her design career.

this retrospective volume—selected from her archive of over 200,000 images—is produced in close collaboration with Paul McCartney and their children. it is always a great thing to publish the normal life of an 'ordinary' family - showing the cute little things that you won't see often from glam people...

available in Stella McCartney shop in Landmark

: "street" art :


lovin' it!

: Chanel - Boy Bag :


Chanel has launched a new range of bags drawing inspiration from the androgynous style of fashion -  the Boy Bag line. it is inspired from what Coco Chanel used to wear - she got it from Boy Capel, her lover.

according to Karl Lagerfeld, the collection reflects the very spirit of fashion house, especially since Coco Chanel had a very boyish attitude. the collection includes purses, sling bags and handbags with linked chains for handles.

they will be available in stores from september this year. the bags made in calfskin are available in red, grey and ivory

: Lanvin kids wear :


brand name kidswear is not a new thing but coming to all ladies' favorite Lanvin, it's totally different. the first kidswear collection will be out in November, showcasing the Spring Summer 2012 collection.

everyone knows how pricy the brand is... it will be the same for it's kidswear - Lanvin has decided to use fabrics that are 10 times more expensive than the average used for kidswear. designed for girls aged between 4 to 10, the first collection will consist of 25 pieces - dresses, T-shirts, coats, sweaters, and some adorable accessories. it will be sold in 80 Lanvin stores around the world but prices have not yet been confirmed... so all hot mamas, keep an eye out!

will there be prints like these?? i hope adults don't start buying kids' clothes...

: Elie Saab Le Parfum :


Lebanese designer Elie Saab will launch his debut perfume - Le Parfum - in July. the new fragrance has been developed by perfumer Francis Kurkdjian -  inspired by Elie Saab's creations for the red carpet. the pretty ad campaign featuring model Anja Rubik in the nude dress is simply WOW!

for me, the design of the bottle comes first, smell comes second. this one is simply lovely with flowers at its neck... looking good in impression already... having flowery and woody notes of orange, blossom, jasmine, cedar, patchouli and rose honey, i can't wait to have a sniff =)

: inside Oscar de la Renta's studio :


Oscar de la Renta's studio is such a beautiful place...

: heaven :