: Ron Galella and Loewe at Photoespaña 2011 :

Saturday, May 28, 2011

i was on the train the other day and saw a naughty 4-yr-old kid hitting his granny's hand... and that made me miss my grannies (who passed away) a lot (i never hit my grannies). i was very close with them and they're the best grannies you can ever have. you might think old people are a bit annoying and kept repeating their stories, stubborn and not using a modern way to care about you. but my grannies were awesome. they look like any other ordinary on the appearance but both of them have a very up-to-date mind.

remembering their old stories, how hard they have worked, their tough life during the wars...etc, i was thinking maybe i should look at my own history (well, pictures and old bits and pieces) and just be nostalgic for a while. good old memories are what makes your life precious. never expect to have come this far, and there are a lot more years to add on to this pile of stuff... but what do i want to put in it?

came across this video about a famous celebrity photographer Ron Galella. tears almost run out (yes, i'm always the emotional one) but i think that's what i want - a big library to keep all my stuff in order... and of cause, great achievements to look at when i get old.

beautiful pictures with all those pretty people (i always wonder how those people in the 70s can be sooo perfect looking), all black and white produced in the dark room. what more will you treasure when everything is done by yourself? that's why i insist in handmade stuff... the heartfelt warmth is always there...

Ron Gelella will be one of the exhibitors in Photoespaña 2011, from June 1 - July 24.


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