: Beijing makes me dry :

Monday, May 2, 2011

finally! back from beijing... non-stop walking, trying to squeeze into the stores wasn't easy as it was packed with ppl during this golden week holiday.

apart from the dryness (yes, i felt like i was dehydrated no matter how much water i drank....), it was a good trip. at least got the work done!

look at those ppl! it's THIS crowded!

yes, this is what kept me entertained the first night in the hotel

very pretty indeed =)

spicy but good!

tiny dumplings for hotpot... yum! only 2cm wide

too dry and windy... need to cover my sore throat with a shirt (didn't bring any scarves =.=)

beijing airport... waiting to get on board

love the ceiling of the airport =)

finally home! miss my mica so much! what a poser...




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