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Monday, July 26, 2010

ph. by lifehacker

I've been working in events management for a couple years and I personally believe in the whole 'company culture' thing. Originally, the company office was a bit 'cyber-looking', which I think is a bit out-dated. With the nature of the job, I strongly suggest to make it look as simple, modern, and everlasting as possible. The chance of doing so came with the moving of the office - which was perfect! I re-designed the interior and name cards, which everybody was impressed with. I think the first and foremost thing of building a business is to make an impression to people who don't know you - and that they have an urge to WANT to know you. The semi-transparent plastic business cards did the magic! We have to be out to parties where there are always drinks lying around in the dark clubs. Plastic cards are waterproof and kinda rare in HK (maybe because it's a lot more expensive). I have to say we did a very good job and people remembers us by saying, "Ah! You're the one with the cool plastic business card!"

Similarly, I am totally in love with what Etsy's doing with the office interior. It is completely in line with the business itself - supporting DIY art/products. Provoking creativity within the space. It doesn't have to be a very clean, elegant looking company as long as all the members are proud of and make the best out of it.




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