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Thursday, April 14, 2011

for those you know me in person, i bet you have never seen me worn pink... but oh! i feel so pink today! i have to say i'm not the old black-on-black girl anymore... i love colors!

somehow the color pink is quite difficult to carry but it's just magical when it is soft and slightly greyish - the Bud and Powder colors is my new fav! thanks to Adrian =) , i have been invited to LOEWE's exhibition where they showcased the brand new Cherry Blossom Collection for spring summer 2011. talking about cherry blossom, the words might not be new to you. but the uniqueness of this limited collection is the application of 3D floral leather cut-out pieces on their signature silhouettes. i personally LURVE subtle and elegant bags, so LOEWE is simply perfect!!

my favorite one? this one! those cut-outs of the soft pedals will eventually become more obvious when you use it!

look how amazing she is with pink! i love her skirt!!


from an artistic eye, i truly appreciate those who put effort in merchandising display. frankly, it is not an easy task, especially when you need an eye (and hands!) for aesthetics. LOEWE's Creative Director Stuart Vevers crossed over with photographer Nigel Shafran to produce product shots incorporating refreshing cherry blossoms that give the right hit - clean, natural, and modern - isn't that just equal to charisma?


watch the cool video here

and... look at these cute LOEWE candies!! how sweet! love the colors!




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